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What other than dog food can I feed my Yorkie?

2cute4yall asked:

If I run out of dog food and dont get a chance to buy more until maybe 2 days later, can I feed my yorkie house food?What should I not feed my dog and what could I feed it?

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18 Responses to “What other than dog food can I feed my Yorkie?”
  1. RJ says:

    wats a yorkie??????????????????

  2. jamiesacademyofdance says:

    You should never feed your do table food. If it’s an emergency, feed her/him ground beef (unseasoned) and rice or maybe some turkey. Noting with salt or seasoning in it. The best thing to do is get your dog some dog food!

  3. sweetboba says:

    chicken, steam rice, steam carrots & pees

  4. haydenrox05 says:

    ok im sorry but this has nothing to do with your question. i envy you because i want a yorkie so bad but they are way to expensivee!!

  5. yaIgottaquestion says:

    white rice with chicken bits or pieces of cooked hamburger meat, but do get dog food asap

  6. BrendaWise says:

    You should feed your dog dog food. You can buy more well in advance of running out. I am sure you are clever enough to notice five to ten days before you run out and get more.

  7. gertie l says:

    House food is bad 4 dogs, exspecially little dogs. Find a way to get more. I know u can!!!!!!!!!!

  8. LoveMyLabs says:

    Cooked rice will do but you really shouldn’t give a yorkie table scraps otherwise. My Mom did that to hers and he ended up with internal bleeding, the vet said their systems can’t handle alot of the ways human foods are prepared and processed. You should always make sure you have dog food on hand.

  9. rab g says:

    i feed my yorkie roadkill, i live in the country so there`s no shortage,he`s fine and healthy.happy days.

  10. gunter_thehunter says:

    boiled rice an hamberger makes a good fill in. don;t give the dog chocolate

  11. snowbaby says:

    Don’t feed your dog avacado, chocolate, raisins, onions, nuts, or sugarless gum. Here are two sites that will list more foods not to feed your dog.

  12. Call me Godfather Of Soul R.I.P says:

    beware of what you feed your dog cos, The 68 Deadliest Dog Food Ingredients Every Dog Owner Should Know About.. Because Nearly Every Dog Food Brand Uses Them
    ..AND They Kill Dogs!”

  13. Mrs. Strain says:

    Cooked rice with cooked ground chicken would be okay. Stay away from anything that contains nitrates (bacon, hotdogs, etc.). It’s not a good idea to change his diet suddenly because he will probably get diahrrea.

  14. petloverlady says:

    lean hamburger and cooked rice or turkey also can add a little cheese feed a couple times a day 4 times if a puppy.stay away from greasy and spicy foods such as spagetti and pizza lean cooked meats are okin small amounts until used to the foods

  15. cadyo says:

    Listen to Jamiesaca… and Mrs. Strain. Yorkies are susceptible to hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) so make certain that she has something to eat regularly. The truth is, if you cannot supply your baby with the appropriate food-you don’t have any business having a dog.

  16. sehbear0788 says:

    well i would try really hard not to run out of food…i mean never feed your dog chocolate or onions they are harmful…but i mean for snacks and stuff carrots, a little bit of cheese, small amounts of peanut butter, or eggs are all okay. Just try not to feed your yorkie this kind of food all the time….it could become fat and then that could lead to more problems…but eggs help their coat..i feed my dog eggs for breakfast about once every other week.

  17. troxie79 says:

    You can put him on a raw diet, i just did it with my chihuahua, it was scary at first, giving my dog chicken bones and all. I always heard that they’ll splinter, well come to find out thats just when there cooked, be sure to mix in ground up veggies.heres a sight that explaines it all

  18. Elizabeth v says:

    My Yorkil loves raw potatoes. ,as a treat. And we also give him cooked hamburger. Sometimes mixed with his food. Also boiled chicken with the skin taken off. Almost any (people food) you want to give him. Ours eats a lot of people food.
    He is 15 yrs old so I guess it didn’t hurt him at all.
    Don’t know of any food he shouldn’t eat, except some that was mentioned above. They were right about those foods.

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