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What is the healthiest dog food you can buy at wal-mart?

punchy308 asked:

I live in a small town and we don't have a pet store where I can get good dog food. I was feeding my dog beneful but I've been reading horror stories about it. The only place that I can get dogfood is wal-mart and I was wanting to know if they had any healthy dog food?

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9 Responses to “What is the healthiest dog food you can buy at wal-mart?”
  1. Chuckles says:

    Maxximum Nutrition and Purina ONE are the best foods sold at wal-mart. You can always add some fresh meat every day and a raw egg every 2 days to make it more nutritional.

    Like Kate C said, you can also try to raw feed.

  2. Babygirl says:

    Yes they sell ” IAMS” My dogs love it and it is very healthy for them , vet recommended

  3. I love terriers says:

    There is only one. Actrium Holistic Dog food. It has no wheat, corn, soy, or other fillers. It has chicken meal as its main ingredient. All other brands they sell are very cheap dog foods and would likely cost you more on vet bills in the long run.

  4. Sheba J says:

    Yet many, many people have healthy active dogs living well into the teen years on Purina. I had three of them.

    My latest two eat Eukanuba Naturally Wild.

    Feed what works for your dog.

    I don’t buy in to the dogfoodanalysis.com being a god. They say food with crappy white rice in it is good, but if it has corn, it’s bad.

  5. Kate C *Attackofthebear* says:

    No feed stores where people get hay for their horses?

    Feed stores commonly have good foods.

    Beneful is crap.

    Out of premade dog foods, purina one, but out of your choices at walmart, you could go the complete turn around a feed raw. The trick to saving money is staying under a dollar per pound. And I am sure you know hunters if you are in a small town.
    If you are interested in raw, this forum can really help you:

    Really try to avoid as many of these ingredients as you can and really consider raw. The detox once its over is so worth it: Look at ingredients to avoid.

  6. b.w. says:

    Sorry to say there are no healthy foods sold at wal-mart.
    Our pets need quality food. Read the ingredients list and learn what the stuff on there is and what it does (or does not do) to/for our pets. A quick pet food 101. If the pet food contains corn/corn products or by products it is a poor quality food. Corn is a filler that can trigger skin problems. (allergies, skin problems, itching and excessive shedding) By products is anything from an animal not fit for human consumption, including cancerous tissue. Do not pay attention to advertising, they all say there food is great. “Vet approved” means they have a vet on staff to approve their product. In other words, someone paid to approve it. Same with foods most vets recommend. Salesmen “gift” vets then the vet recommends the food. Most vets are not nutritionists! Quality foods have meat as the first ingredient Wellness, Solid Gold, Innova and Merrick are a few of the best brands available. If you want to learn more check out: & more=1 $$PetFoodsByRating?OpenForm

  7. Isis Is: PRAY 4 PEEKS FAMILY!! says:

    the closest would be Purina One. but none are REALLY healthy.
    and Purina One is actually more expensive than wheat/corn/soy free CANIDAE.
    i have to drive almost an hour each way to get CANIDAE.

  8. chalk.clouds says:

    There is no such thing as healthy dog food if it comes in a bag. it sounds like the Actrium Holistic Dog food is ok, and there are a few places that you can get some online that is organic or mostly natural. But all dog food that is under $50 a bag, and even some that is more contains lead, meat from animals known to have cancer, euthanized dogs and cats, chicken shit, and any an all animal guts you can imagine. If you really love your dog, look into making your own dog food. It is MUCH cheaper, much healthier, and your pet will be happier not eating the same bowl of dry deadly food they try to sell you. There is a book call all natural pet health (it think), there are great easy recipes that your dog will love, and will save you money not only on food but on vet bills. All types of cancer in dogs has been proved to be caused by the contents of commercially produced dog food. Love your pet, make it’s food the same way you would make it for yourself or your children.

  9. Senior Airman Gregory C says:

    LOL. You can’t buy good food from walmart. It is all garbage. Why don’t you buy dog food online or whenever you do go into the city buy a lot of good dog food. Walmart doesn’t have any good dog food that you would feed your dog if you cared about it. They all have something like corn as the first one or two ingredients. Dogs can’t digest that. What if when you were a kid your parents feed you primarily grass. Humans can’t digest grass and your parents wouldn’t have been good parents knowing feeding your grass. Neither would you be a good dog owner feeding your dog dog food that had corn or something else non-meat as the first ingredient.

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